Random Fangirl Blurbs

When Fandoms Collide:
Claudia and Kenzi on Twitter.


 Lost Girl Panel Comic-Con 2012


- ‘Where - where am I? What’s happening to me?’

- ‘Artie you don’t get it - we need to help Kenzie. She was my only friend, she kept me sane - well as sane as you can be in a mental home.’ 

30 Days of Warehouse 13: Day 13 - Dream Guest Star

Ksenia Solo as Kenzie - Kenzie and Claudia were friends in the ‘institution’. The W13 team and the Fae must expose their existence to each other to help save Kenzie’s life.


30 Days of Lost Girl: Day 30 - Best of Kenzi

I love Kenzi so much.

She’s such a great sidekick and totally gets all the best lines.


Ah, yes, thank you. This photoset needed to be made. Once again, Lost Girl gets all the awards for continuity.